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San Diego Christian Nightclub is the Ministry of Music that began in Jaco, Costa Rica

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Where there is no Vision, the People Perish

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San Diego Christian Nightclub

What is the San Diego Christian Nightclub?

A Ministry serving the people in four areas.

1. Church
2.Personal Development School
3.Music Entertainment
4.Vegetarian Cafe

The first is we are a church that proclaims the Word of God, the Bible.

Our Church services are to bring hope and empower with people with the Word of God.

We believe in History, Relationship and not Religion

Our church services are a produced DVD program system. Each service is one hour, featuring Inspirational Video, Live prayer, Praise and worship songs, Bible video moment back in time, Live scripture reading, Sermon message and more.
Our goal with this system is to empower people who want to serve and start their own ministry, but do not have the resources and finances such as pastor, building location, production team, etc. Now you can begin your church out of your own home or business. Visit our service and experience it.

The second is empowering peoples mind and lives through classes of Personal Development Classes focused on

5. FINANCIAL EDUCATION (freedom from money)

(Classes are FREE, supported by Donations) See video promo sample of our class teaching in the five areas of Personal Development.

The third is Music Entertainment focused on the Power of Music, which affects our hearts, minds and Actions. Our Ministry judges secular songs, Remix secular songs and create original songs of energy, power, glory and dance.

Feed the heart and mind. Positive music results into positive actions, which empowers a person life abundantly.

The same effect is from negative music. Vast majority of people are unaware that “The Words are spirit” San Diego Christian Nightclub entertainment side is huge part of what set us different from others.

Our music format is to give glory to the Lord, Life, Party, exercise with other believers, and enjoying life abundantly following Biblical Principles. Our Music Entertainment structure is as follows.

a. Our Studio Music Production - Remixes negative secular songs and Create Original Songs (Our music format is 80% Songs of House, Dance, Trance, Electro) Songs of energy, power, glory and Relaxation. 120 Bpm and Up. The other 20% of our music is a variety of genres such as Reggae, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock Our research has discovered that about 10% of songs in all music genres meet biblical principles and is good to listen to using our judging standards. All music must meet biblical Standards.

b. Online Radio Station reaching the world, promoting the San Diego Christian Nightclub

c. Nightlife Dance Entertainment Party (Lights, Sound System, Dance workout and socialize with others (NON-ACHOHOL ENVIRONMENT)

d. Our own Artist and producing Artist Tours to other San Diego Christian Nightclub locations and churches worldwide. Music Library available to people who want to hear songs that meet biblical principles secular or non secular

e. Music Education classes on how music affects the mind and a persons life.

f. Expose the Wick Music Industry objectives.

Our standards in judging music in secular songs and our original songs are as follows

1) the purpose of the song
2) the style of song
3) the content and message of the lyrics
4) Is the song glorifying the flesh or spirit
5) the artist

25% Party songs enjoying life abundantly
25% songs Directed to the non believer, no biblical verbal delivering the message
25% songs Directed to the believer with biblical verbal delivering the message
15% love songs about loving everybody as your brother and sister
10% Personal love songs relationship in accordance to scriptures (marriage, committed Relationship non sexual)

Online Radio Station
This is the ultimate way to reach millions of people all over the world. And get the San Diego Christian Nightclub objective known worldwide.

Remember, there is not another ministry and church structured like the San Diego Christian Nightclub.

The need is there and not being fulfilled. People will hear our music, buy our music, go to our concert and show tours and the message of truth will be delivered and change in the lives of millions will take place.

Online monthly memberships will give people opportunity to receive our music and take part in our purpose. And create income to kingdom building San Diego Christian Nightclub locations in the Night life area’s worldwide.


Nightlife Entertainment
San Diego Christian Nightclub is a solution for this problem of believers having a night time environment to go congregate and our testimony to others who are lost.

The San Diego Christian Nightclub will be expanding to the hottest party locations on the earth. Objective is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. We will bear the Light in the darkness of the nightlife scene. The San Diego Christian Nightclub will be the light that shines in the party nightlife areas in many cities. And for those who need a positive nightlife place to listen to music of purpose, socialize and dance as exercise workout.

Where people can have the opportunity for change. Our focus is upon bringing hope those who are seeking a "new beginning" and those who want a positive night life environment.

Artist and Tours

Our artist CD release format is 12 songs. 4 songs giving the Lord glory and 4 songs party songs about life with a positive message of hope and vision.
4 songs secular remixes.

One of the Lord'ss amazing chacteristic is taking something bad and making it good.

We can learn from this and practice it in reaching the people. Tours will be formed to all other San Diego Christian Nightclub franchise locations first and than outreaches to churches and other entities.

Music Education

San Diego Christian Nightclub is a place of education to the power of music to the mind.

You cannot live a believer’s life and listen to negative music. Many people and believers listen to songs and do not know what the lyrics are saying. Every song has a message, that message affects the brain and how you think. How you think produces your actions, your actions bring you results.

The wicked music industry

San Diego Christian Nightclub's final goal is to destroy the negative music influence of the music industry with the Word of God.

Feed the heart and mind positive music results into positive actions, which empowers a person life abundantly.

Unfortunately, 90% of today's music in all genres is sending a message opposite to biblical principles. Today you will find majority of believers listening to the music of today due to little or no options. Yes, there are Christian believer music and radio station, but the productions are not near appealing to secular music.
Also, where does the believer go on Friday and Saturday night to enjoy a positive environment exposed to positive music and opportunities to meet other believers. There is no known locations to do such a thing, other than churches. Where do they end up going? The Nightclub is correct!

And than the mind is poisoned with gradually effects of backsliding into a negative life takes effect. Especially, a newborn believers. The source of the problem is overlooked "the Lyrics and message of the song".

75% of believer listen to secular music and do not know what the words are saying. The catch to this is the Rhythms sound and beat of the songs. People really don't pay attention to the Lyrics, there are many great samples.

Think of your favorite songs. Do you know all the lyrics and message.
(Watch our video on the wick music industry)

It depends on the party. Parties are popular because they are fun opportunities to get together with friends, meet new people

and to relax and enjoy one anothers company as human beings, we are designed to be social creatures we live in groups, work in groups, and socialize with groups. So when we desire to party, we are responding to the need for human interaction, fun and relaxation this is normal and natural.
Like everything in life. There is a right way to do things and a wrong way. Our nightlife parties are Non-alcohol, Dance to praise the lord and exercise work-out, Listen and feel the positive music in a high energy atmosphere environment.

The world Nightclubs celebrate and they are the losers. We are the winners in Christ, So let’s show it!

The fourth is Vegetarian Café with unique and authentic menu recipes featuring Falafels, Hummus, Avocado Recipes, Pistachio Recipes, Soups & Smoothies Recipes. (11am to 7pm Everyday), Classes (Business side, Profits)

Our objective is opening locations worldwide in the nightlife areas thru (Franchise Opportunities)

The nightlife areas of the world are the heart of the darkness, we will be the light that shines with our testimony for those to see and be saved in the Word. The Jaco, Costa Rica location is just the beginning.

Our objective is not a profit making business, It’s about making a difference in people’s lives and giving god the glory. The San Diego Christian Nightclub is set-up as a International Non-profit Organization (501c3) and Profit making Business.


1. Every action, Plans, Operations System for Ministry are base in biblical principles in building the kingdom
2. We serve and testify the Lord
3. We do not glorify the flesh, Money, Worldly things in our music


In Closing, the San Diego Christian Nightclub concept is very new, unique, different and unheard of. But we are reaching a area that is really needed. There is a opportunity for those who can see this in vision. Our needs to fulfilling our mission are people like you that took interest and time to read this presentation. We need people skills such as (Franchise builders-Owners, Missionaries, People wanting to serve in ministry, Pastors, People who love cooking vegetarian food, Singers, Dancers, Rappers, and Financial Investors)


Andre's Testimony, Found of San Diego Christian Nightclub/Ministry of Music