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The San Diego Christian Nightclub's third area is Music Entertainment focused on the Power of Music, which affects our hearts, minds and actions. Our Ministry remixes secular songs and creates original songs of energy, power, glory and dance.

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Feed the heart and mind positive music results into positive actions, which empowers a person life abundantly. The same effect is of negative music. “Words are spirits”

The entertainment side is huge part of what set us different from others. Our music format is to give glory to the Lord and to party enjoying life abundantly according to bibical principles

Our Music Entertainment format area of focus is as follows.

A. Studio Music Production, Remixing and Creating Original Songs (Our music format is 80% Songs of Dance, House, Electro)

Songs of energy, power, glory and Relaxation. 120 Bpm and Up. The other 20% of music is Hip hop, Reggae, Top-40 songs.

Our research has discovered that about 10% of songs in all secular music genres meet biblical principles and is good to listen to using our judging standards.

Our standards in judging music in secular songs and creating our original songs are as follows.
1) the purpose of the song,
2) the style of song,
3) the content and message of the lyrics.,
4) Is the song glorifying the flesh or spirit,
5) the artist

B. Online Radio Station- This is the ultimate way to reach millions of people all over the world. Remember, there is not another ministry and church structured like the Ministry or Music. The need is there and not being fulfilled.

The radio station would be promoting the San Diego Christian Nightclub songs and our unique screened music library of songs. People will have access the download our songs thru memberships.

Online monthly memberships will give people opportunity to receive our music and take part in our purpose.


People will hear our music, buy our memberships, go to our concert tours and the message of truth will be delivered and change in the lives of millions will take place.

25% of the music is Directed to the believer with biblical verbal delivering a message of god
25% of the music are Directed to the non-believer, no biblical verbal delivering the message of hope, love and peace.
(keep in mind, as scripture say’s. we are fisher’s of men)

25% of the music are Party songs, have a good time with no alcohol and enjoying life abundantly
15% of the music are love songs about loving everybody as your brother and sister.
10% Personal love songs relationship in accordance to scriptures (marriage, committed Relationship non-sexual)

C. Nightlife Dance Entertainment Party’s (Lights, Sound System, Dance workout and socialize with other believers). We are a worldwide solution for this problem of believers having a night time environment to go and be a light of testimony to others.

The San Diego Christian Nightclub will be expanding to the hottest party locations on the earth. Objective is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. We will bear the Light in the darkness of the nightlife scene in many cities.

And for those who need a positive nightlife place to listen to music of purpose, socialize and dance as exercise workout with positive people.

And David danced before the LORD with all his might; and David was girded with a linen . 2 SAMUEL 6-14

Celebrations and Parties are biblical. It depends on how you are partying. Like everything in life, you can glorify god a right way and wrong way in everything you do.

Parties are popular because they are fun opportunities to get together with friends, meet new people

Relax and enjoy one another’s company as human beings, we are designed to be social creatures we live in groups, work in groups, and socialize with groups.

So when we desire to party, we are responding to the need for human interaction, fun and relaxation this is normal and natural

Our focus is upon bringing hope those who are seeking peace, love, answers to life’s challenges. A new beginning and opportunity for change. Transformation in one’s life usually takes time.

Our focus is on new and young believers. Our objective is opening locations worldwide in the nightlife areas with very inexpensive (Franchise Opportunities).

Our objective is not a profit making business; it’s about making a difference in people’s lives and giving the lord the glory.

One of the lords amazing chacteristic is taking something bad and making it good. We can learn from this and practice it in our music production.

Artist tours will be formed to all other San Diego Christian Nightclub franchise locations first and then outreaches to churches and other entities.

(Notice that the best and biggest talents in the music industry comes from the church to the secular music industry! )

E. Music Education classes on how music affects the mind and a person’s life.  San Diego Christian Nightclub is a place of education to the power of music to the mind.  You cannot live a believer’s life and listen to negative music. 

Many people and believers listen to songs and do not know what the lyrics are saying.   Every song has a message, that message affects the brain and how you think.  How you think produces your actions, your actions bring you results.  

F. San Diego Christian Nightclub final goal is to expose and destroy the negative music influence of the wicked music industry with the Word of God.

Unfortunately, from our research. 90% of today's music in all genres is sending a message opposite to biblical principles.

Today you will find majority of believers listening to the music of today due to not understanding what’s going on. Yes, there is Christian music and radio stations, But the productions are not near appealing to the majority of people as secular music.

Also, where does the believer go on Friday and Saturday night to enjoy a positive environment and be exposed to positive music and opportunities to meet other believer’s. There is no known location to do such a thing, other than churches.

Where do they end up going? The Nightclub is correct! And then the mind is poisoned with gradually effects of backsliding into a negative lifestyle takes effect. Especially, a newborn believer’s.

The source of the problem is overlooked and is in the “the Lyrics and message of the songs of the music Industry". 80% of believer listen to secular music and do not know what the words are saying. The catch to this is the Rhythms sound and beat of the songs.

People really don't pay attention to the Lyrics, there are many great samples. Think of your favorite songs. Do you know all the lyrics and message?

For more detail
Watch our video presentation on the
wick music industry

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